Why A Coach Is Better Than An Airplane Or Train For UK Transport

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There’s never a shortage of options for getting to and from a destination in the UK. While local travel can be relatively simple with options such as the Tube and Uber, long-distance journeys with a larger group are a bit trickier.

Travelling between major cities in England such as Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, or London can be difficult for large groups because it’s too far of a ride for an Uber or the Tube, yet not far enough for the cost of a plane to be financially sensible. Private coaches provide an affordable, yet often overlooked solution to this dilemma.


What is a Coach?

A private coach is a motorcoach (either full-sized or miniature) reserved exclusively to an individual or group. When you book one, you’re assigned a personalised driver and given the freedom to travel on your own time.

While they move slightly slower than trains, cars, or airplanes, motorcoaches typically provide a more comfortable riding experience than alternative forms of transport and are often equipped with a number of exclusive amenities.

Why is a Coach the Best Option?

While transport mediums such as the Tube and airplanes are both viable options, they don’t provide the same quality riding experience.

Check out some of the benefits of riding on a coach:

Get Directly to Your Destination

Booking a flight involves a number of lengthy steps, which include driving to the airport, parking, checking in, getting past security, and finding your gate–all of this before you even begin the actual trip. The process with a train is similar, as you have to get to the train station, find the correct track, board the train, and stop at a number of stations along the way.

A private coach will pick you up directly from your home, office, or anywhere else you specify as your starting point. Because you have your own private chauffeur, you won’t have to worry about making any additional stops en route unless you request them specifically.

Save Your Time

From start to finish, flying can be time-consuming. While the direct commute to and from locations is typically faster than ground transport, the lengthy boarding process can add significant time to your journey–even adding time to a commute of 300 kilometers or less. When you consider the fact that you typically arrive at the airport for check-in and boarding 60-90 minutes before the flight, wait an additional 20-30 minutes before takeoff, and then must wait to exit the plane and find your hold baggage, you’ll quickly realise that there’s some significant time spent waiting around.

Train check-in and departure typically doesn’t take as long, as passengers are recommended to arrive about 30 minutes before the trip; however, frequent stops at train stations along the way to your destination can add up.

When riding a motorcoach or minibus, time is never wasted. With the exception of any marked stops on your itinerary or pit stops your driver makes, every moment of the journey is spent on the road. If you happen to book a coach with a toilet, you won’t even have to stop for group bathroom breaks.

Become More Eco-Friendly

Airplanes leave a tremendous carbon footprint on the atmosphere, producing significantly more carbon dioxide per passenger mile than any other form of transport. A recent study shows that during an average one-way trip from London to Manchester, airplanes emit 44.7 kilograms of carbon dioxide per passenger if completely full, while trains emit 5.2 kilograms per passenger and coaches emit just 4.3 kilograms (minimum 40 passengers).

Coaches are more environmentally friendly because they are able to accommodate 18 to 56 passenger groups in one vehicle, reducing carbon emissions per passenger while burning less fuel.

Carry More Items

Checking hold baggage before a flight and retrieving it afterward is never fun. Baggage fees can be outrageous, and regardless of whether you’re flying or taking a train, you may feel limited in regards to how much you can bring. You never have to worry about these issues when riding on a private coach because they are equipped with large overhead and below-deck storage bays.


Experience a More Comfortable Ride

Anyone who’s ever ridden on an airplane can tell you that it’s not a comfortable experience. Unless you’re willing to pay excessive fees for a first-class seat, you’ll likely be confined to a small seat.

Private coaches facilitate more comfortable rides than airplanes. While a plane’s seats are rigid and cramped, a motorcoaches may be fitted with softer, plush seats and greater legroom for you to stretch out. Larger, panoramic windows on board also give you a better view of outside surroundings than an airplane or train, so you have the chance to see the sights and ride in comfort as you approach your destination.

Choose Your Passengers

Public transport providers are generally not selective in regards to who can ride and where. While this provides more accessibility to the common citizen, public transport solutions aren’t always safe and can cause you to get separated from your group when crowded. Book privately, and your’e given the ability to choose who rides with you, from start to finish. Hand-select your group and make your trip that more enjoyable by riding with your closest family and friends.

Enjoy Better Amenities

Your amenities and entertainment options are pretty limited when you’re taking a flight or riding on a train. Airplanes provide a few, such as controllable air-conditioning, WiFi, and movies, but there isn’t much else. Trains may have modest entertainment provisions and WiFi as well, but neither compare to what’s at your fingertips when you book a private motorcoach.

With a personalised coach, you’re able to request a number of amenities that are tailored to your liking, such as DVD players, power outlets, flat-screen TVs, on-board toilets, reclining seats, and more. If you’re going to be spending prolonged periods of time in a vehicle, why not make it enjoyable?

Book a Private Coach Now

When you’re ready to plan a trip, one of the most important things to consider is how you’ll get to your destination. For large groups travelling through England, a coach hire is by far the best choice. For more information about our services, costs and which coach is best for you, call GOGO Charters at 44 20 3617 1779.


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