The Importance Of Packaging In Transport And Logistics

The Importance Of Packaging In Transport And Logistics

The best products in the world will be useless if you can’t get them where they need to be. From making transportation possible to protecting your goods during transit, logistics packaging is a vital part of the delivery process.

Sending something out for delivery, or supplying to retailers, involves far more than simply ‘sticking it in a box’. Packaging can in some ways be invisible – everyone uses it, but do we really give it enough thought?

Here’s why transport packaging is so important for your business.


It’s an obvious point, but one well worth making. The right transport packaging makes it possible for you to get your products out into the world. In the case of smaller products, packaging allows you to deliver large quantities in a convenient way.


Goods that are damaged upon arrival can cause major problems. Not only do you lose the cost of the original item and shipping it in the first place, you may also have to send replacements at additional cost.

Broken or marked items can upset customers and retailers, souring relationships and giving your company a bad reputation. Logistics packaging keeps all your items safe, so they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.


There can be a lot of important information that distributors need to know about your product. Your transport packaging is the perfect place to display this information.

A lot of different things can be printed on your boxes. It could be something simple, like which way up the packages need to go, or that the contents are fragile. You can also specify more detailed handling instructions, such as a particular temperature range your products need to be stored at.


Transport packaging makes all kinds of products easy to store. No matter what shape, or how fragile, the right packaging allows them to be stacked, placed onto pallets, or otherwise arranged for convenience.


If you choose retail ready packaging, your products can be displayed on the shelves in their own custom display. By choosing logistics packaging that features your brand colours, product details, and other relevant sales information, you increase your chances of catching the eye of your target market.

Getting the right packaging makes a big difference to your products. If you want logistics packaging that keeps your product safe, displays key information, and assists with storage, get in touch with us today.


This article was originally published on Kimberley Watson Packaging.