Have You Asked Your Logistics Provider For A Copy Of Their Emissions Report?

logistics provider emissions report

Issues like road safety and environmental sustainability are top of the agenda these days. Organisations are more accountable than ever before and being able to demonstrate responsibility and sustainability throughout the entire value chain, from raw materials all the way through to final delivery, is essential.

New fleet of eco-friendly freight services vehicles from Volvo

Protecting people and the environment have always been central aspects of our daily operations here at Greencarrier. We want to offer our customers added value in terms of sustainability and corporate responsibility by providing, not just cost-effective and efficient, but also safe and eco-friendly transportation solutions. The fact that Greencarrier is one of the Nordic region’s largest privately-owned freight companies might explain our strong commitment to road safety and environmental sustainability. Recent evidence of this is our new fleet of eco-friendly vehicles based at the Greencarrier Freight Services UK hub in Ipswich.  Because Scandinavia has always been at the forefront of research and development when it comes to sustainability and road safety, it was only natural that we looked to our Swedish roots when it was time to expand our UK fleet. And who better to help us than Volvo – the company that has been studying truck accidents and developing safer traffic solutions since 1969.

Responsibility when delivering goods to highly populated areas

As I mention in the above video clip, we deliver goods into highly populated areas. So it is essential that our freight vehicles have a minimum impact on the environment and the people living in those areas. That is why our new fleet is equipped with a whole host of state-of-the-art environmental technology. For example, features like I-See, a predictive cruise control function that reads cloud-based topography maps to maximise vehicle performance and fuel efficiency, and I-Roll, a fuel-saving freewheel function.

Emissions reports provide transparency and demonstrate environmental sustainability

Service is extremely important to us here at Greencarrier, and one of our main criteria when we began looking for new eco-friendly vehicles for our Ipswich freight services hub was the ability to offer our customers emissions reports. In addition to providing a more sustainable and responsible logistics option, thanks to Volvo’s advanced technological features, we are now able to offer emissions reports. That way, our customers can also demonstrate environmental sustainability throughout their entire value chain.

One of the safest and most sustainable trucking solutions on the Northern European market

Unsurprisingly, our new fleet of Volvo FH 500 Globetrotter trucks is extremely well-equipped when it comes to road safety too. In addition to extra safety features like forward and side-facing cameras connected to a monitor and hard drive inside the driver’s cab, each vehicle has been fitted with Volvo’s active safety package as standard.     The comprehensive safety system offered by Volvo uses cameras, radar and other sensors to avoid or mitigate the effects of a collision through a range of driver alerts and automatic braking functions. Our new vehicles are all equipped with lane-changing support, adaptive cruise control and a driver alert system. This includes close-proximity sensors and an audible warning signal that alerts drivers about cyclists and pedestrians when the vehicle is turning, as well as driver fatigue monitoring and distance alerts that warn when the driver is getting too close to the vehicle in front.     Naturally we care about our drivers’ safety, but we also care about the safety of everyone around our vehicles. All of these features, road safety and environmental, combined make our latest eco-trucking fleet one of the safest and most sustainable trucking solutions on the Northern European market. So you can rest assured that your cargo is reaching its destination in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.