Future Of Parcel Delivery: 5 Technology Trends To Look Out For

Future Of Parcel Delivery

Technology is constantly driving change in every industry – logistics and supply chain are not an exception. Looking back, it’s hard to imagine our current jobs without the internet and various devices that have now become everyday items.

What’s more interesting than a detour into the past, is a look at the technology of tomorrow. After all, every day there is more and more public speculation about what the future will bring. By analyzing the huge flow of information, we can already predict some of the improvements and innovations we will see in the parcel delivery field.Venipak team shares five of the most interesting future technology trends with you!

Shipping by Autonomous Cars

According to data, the global autonomous vehicles market amounted to 68.7 billion US dollars in 2019 and it is estimated that it will reach 196.2 billion by 2029. Self-driving car technology is gradually evolving and will open up many possibilities for fast delivery. Currently, companies such as Amazon, Tesla, and Gatik among others are testing various autonomous vehicles which will be used for innovative parcel delivery solutions in the near future. These include not only self-driving minibusses but trucks and other vehicles as well. The development of these technologies is accelerated even more by the increased need for contactless solutions during the pandemic.

Shipping by Drones

It will probably be a long time before drones become used for mass delivery, but it is a possibility nevertheless. It is estimated that in 2025, there will be over three times more drones sold than in 2020, while in 2023 the drone delivery market will be worth around 1.68 billion US dollars. These predictions are further reflected in Federal Aviation Administration’s permission for Amazon to use drones for parcel delivery. According to Forbes, drone delivery will allow for shipments to arrive in less than half an hour after the order is placed.

Real-time Tracking of Couriers

Route planners and managers in parcel delivery companies already use tracking tools for real-time information on couriers. This makes it easier to anticipate shipment delays and resolve problems quickly. It is estimated that the global navigation satellite system market size will grow to 324 billion in 2029 and will provide even more useful features for parcel delivery companies. The information will include each courier stop and real-time updates to dispatchers, as well as route optimization options that will save fuel and increase the efficiency of deliveries.  Over time, all of these features will become more accessible, making the parcel delivery process even more efficient and easier to manage.

Monitoring the Delivery Directly

The widely used shipment tracking numbers allow users to check the information about the preliminary location and delivery time of a shipment, as well as assuring it was dispatched successfully. However, the status of the parcel is updated sparingly, e.g. when it reaches a certain city or a sorting hub. According to Forbes, there is a growing interest in Track and Trace technology which allows recipients to track their cargo in real-time, even if it’s currently on its way across the ocean. World-renowned delivery companies such as DHL are already trialing this service. The technology will likely be widely available to the parcel companies in the near future and the users will be able to track their shipments in real-time.

Information On Parcel Condition

Packaging is one of the most important factors in determining the successful shipment, but one should not neglect the various circumstances surrounding the journey as well. The developers are already discovering innovative solutions to let users access much more accurate information about the parcel’s journey. It will allow not only to monitor the condition of the shipment itself but the circumstances in which it was transported too. The notifications will inform the users about the temperature to which the parcel was exposed, whether it was shaken, crushed, or put under a great load.


Futuristic technology is fundamentally changing our daily lives and only time will tell which solutions reflect the changing needs of the customers best. Meanwhile, we are optimistic and look forward to what the future will bring!


This article was originally posted on Venipak.