Door To Door Delivery: Is It Worth It?

Door To Door delivery

When deciding how to ship your orders, you need to be aware of all the possibilities. Nowadays, there is no need to leave your home at all, if you want to send a parcel. In this article, we will explain how door-to-door delivery works and when should you choose it.

What is door-to-door delivery?

Door-to-door delivery (D2D) describes a shipping method when the parcel is picked up from one door and delivered to another – from vendor’s door to recipient’s door. Generally speaking, the door-to-door shipping method is one of the most comfortable ways to send a parcel. When you place your order for this delivery service, your package will be picked up and delivered directly to the destination. In other words, you won’t need to go to the local post office or use any postage. A courier will pick your parcel straight from your home and deliver it to the right address. This way, you will avoid – travelling from home, looking for the right post office and mixing up your orders. Shipping couriers will do everything for you! They will pick up your parcel and ship it to the final destination. That’s what they call “door- to-door”.

What are the advantages of this shipping method?

Besides that this shipping method allows you to stay at home instead of going to the post office, it also saves you a lot of time. All you need to do is fill in your order details and confirm your shipment. As soon as you do it, the tracking number will be sent to your email and couriers will do the rest. Basically, door-to-door delivery gives you comfort and more free time.

When should you choose it?

  • Same day deliveryIf you have a short-time delivery term, it is the best option to send your parcel with this stress-free shipping method. Usually, postal systems cannot guarantee you same day deliveries, while D2D can.
  • Perfectly combine value with moneyIf you compare expenses which you will waste on delivering a parcel to your recipient’s home and the price which you pay for postal services you might be shocked. Even though door-to-door delivery is more expensive than using postal services, it is still way cheaper than delivering it by yourself.
  • FlexibilityDoor-to-door service is nearly always open, which means that you can use it seven days per week. So, if you have any urgent situation, where on Sunday you remember that your order needs to be somewhere on Monday – D2D is your number one option.

Companies that offer a door-to-door delivery option

Before deciding with whom to ship your orders, you must know what kind of services your preferred shipping company offers. It is even better if you can check all of them in a single place. Ecoparcel has a consolidated system that could help you in choosing with whom to ship. Door-to-door shipping method is not a novelty, but not all companies have it. However, we can mention some of the shipping carriers that have D2D delivery –EcoparcelFor those who want to book a quote and order a door-to-door delivery service, we strongly recommend choosing door-to-door delivery Ecoparcel services.


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