DHL vs TrakPak

DHL Vs TrakPak

DHL Vs TrakPak is a common debate for online retailers, primarily because both carriers offer a service specifically designed for the eCommerce industry, but when it all comes down to it, what’s the difference between DHL and TrakPak?

Compare DHL and TrakPak Shipping

The main difference between DHL and TrakPak is that TrakPak is a mail forwarder, which means it’s an intermediary between retailers and various postal and courier companies. Unlike DHL, TrakPak doesn’t have a fleet of vehicles, it simply provides tracked mail services, using its logistics partners and local postal systems to deliver your parcel to its destination.

For example, if you book TrakPak from the US to France, it’s likely your parcel will be collected by a big-brand courier like FedEx, delivered to a sorting office in the US, shipped to France by TrakPak, then injected into the local French postal system for the final leg of the journey. This method keeps costs down, providing online retailers with a cost-effective way to access customers around the world.

DHL is a division of German logistics company, Deutsche Post DHL, the world’s largest logistics company. With a massive fleet, which includes everything from vans and trucks to a fleet of aircraft, DHL is undoubtedly a logistics giant in its own right and with brand heritage on its side, it’s a strong contender in the DHL Vs TrakPak debate.

Which is cheaper? DHL or TrakPak?

The price difference between TrakPak and DHL varies depending on where you’re shipping to and the size of the item you’re shipping. To get an accurate price comparison for DHL and TrakPak, enter the weight, dimensions and destination of your parcel into our shipping calculator for a quote.

In the example below, which was based on a 4.5kg parcel to the UK from the US, TrakPak Drop-off was the cheapest option, but you’ll need to enter the full dimensions of your parcel for the most accurate price.

DHL Vs TrakPak
*The above is an example only. Prices are subject to change.

DHL eCommerce Vs TrakPak

If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective international delivery service for your eCommerce business, you may be torn between DHL eCommerce or TrakPak.

Both services are known as hybrid services, which means that a combination of carriers will be involved in the delivery of your parcel. DHL eCommerce uses USPS for the US domestic leg of the journey, while TrakPak generally uses FedEx. Once your parcel arrives at its destination, the final leg of the journey will be covered by the local postal system.

DHL eCommerce and TrakPak have been designed specifically for online retailers, making international deliveries simple and affordable, but which service is best for you?

To help you decide, we’ve compared the two services below, so you can make an informed decision:

ServiceDHL eCommerceTrakPak
International shippingYesYes
Shipping labels providedYesYes
Transit times10-16 business days to Europe4-14 business days to Europe
Weight limitsUp to 15lbsUp to 65lbs
Protection cover$100$50

Which is best? DHL eCommerce or TrakPak?

Whether you’re an online retailer or an individual with a parcel to send to a family member in the UK, sometimes the price isn’t the deciding factor when you’re choosing a shipping company.

Both DHL and TrakPak provide a reliable service for shipping lightweight goods internationally from the US, but your individual requirements will dictate which service is best for you.

If you’re struggling to decide between DHL eCommerce and TrakPak, you might want to consider the following:

What’s the value of your item?

For higher value items, DHL eCommerce offer a higher level of protection cover than TrakPak, with the option to extend to $250 if required.

How much does your parcel weigh?

TrakPak offers a greater weight limit than DHL eCommerce. If your item is over 7kg, DHL eCommerce won’t appear as an option when you do a quote through our shipping calculator.

Do you need a courier collection?

With TrakPak, you can drop off your parcel at your local FedEx store or book a courier collection and a FedEx courier will collect it from your home or work address. Courier collections are convenient if you’re going to be in the same location for most of the day. Collections are usually between 8 am and 6 pm.

DHL eCommerce is only available as a drop-off service, so you will need to drop-off your parcel at your local USPS Post Office.


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