Changing The Guard Ceremony Is Back In London After 18 Months

Changing The Guard Ceremony Is Back In London After 18 Months

Buckingham Palace is a major tourist attraction in the UK, with numerous visitors coming to see the royal legacy. One of the most interesting things to check out here at Buckingham Palace is the Changing the Guard ceremony, which was paused all this while due to the pandemic. But now it has returned after 18 long months.

The ceremony is a crowd pleaser, and sees The Queen’s Guard transferring responsibility to another New Guard. The Queen’s Guards are responsible for protecting the St. James’ Palace, and Buckingham palace. The first Changing the Guard ceremony took place in the Palace of Whitehall. But this was only until 1689. The ceremony moved to St. James’ Palace since the royal court shifted to St. James’ Palace.

The Changing of Guards after a period of 18 months was carried out by members of the 1st Battalion the Coldstream Guards. The ceremony that attracts a lot of tourists, was banned to discourage gatherings, and the spread of the coronavirus.

The Queen was not in attendance at the ceremony since she is at her Scottish home, Balmoral for the traditional summer holiday.

During the ceremony, the army band played the song Gold by Spandau Ballet, which is one of the runes played in tribute to the successful Olympic athletes in this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

This article was originally published on TimesTravel.