Techniques for Knitting with Multiple Shades


You can use color theory in knitting to create multiple shades. Color theory is the study of how colors affect us emotionally and how we can use them to create harmonious palettes. It will help you: choose colors that work together, combine primary and secondary colors, extend your palette with analogous or complementary colors, and […]

Managing ADHD in Children: The Montessori Method

Managing ADHD in children

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a developmental condition that can have an impact on the life of the child and family. Helping your child to manage ADHD, especially in school, is essential for their development. This article will discuss how the Montessori Method can be used to help manage ADHD in children and provide […]

From Self-Driving Cars to Drone Delivery – AI in Transport

Self-driving cars

Use of AI in the Transportation Industry The transportation industry is one of the most quickly adapting to the benefits that artificial intelligence (AI) can provide. The ability to reduce accidents and save time, money, and lives makes it an ideal fit for AI. From self-driving cars to drone delivery, find out just how much […]

London Fashion: What to Wear?

Raincoat tops the list of London fashion

Londoners dress casually and comfortably. It’s a no-fuss city where people do not get dressed unless they want to. They wear what makes them feel comfortable, and they’re not afraid of mixing up genres. You can see street-style blogs with photos of Londoners wearing everything from high-end designer brands to vintage clothes (and everything in […]

Don’t Miss the Harry Potter Tour in London

Harry Potter Tour in London

Harry Potter fans: you’re in for a treat! There are many Harry Potter tour options in London, from studio tours to themed pubs. All the essential locations from the films can be visited in real life. You can even eat at some of them if you’re feeling peckish (or just want to try some butterbeer). […]

Secret London – Hidden Local Spots

Aerial view of London local spots

London is a city full of secrets, from dark alleys to underground tunnels. These are some of the best local places you can find in London if you want to get away from it all and feel like a long-time resident! The Painted Hall, Greenwich The Painted Hall at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich […]

Taking The Right Steps In Vehicle Acquisition

Vehicle Acquisition

From the outside looking in, vehicle acquisition may seem like an easy process: You choose the vehicle you want and you buy it. Fleet managers know it’s not as simple as that. Vehicle acquisition involves a complex array of decisions, ranging from what types of new vehicles should be purchased when and from whom, to […]

Travelling With Kids In The UK

Are you planning on visiting the UK with kids? Read this first! The experts at Family Traveller share their top tips on travelling with children, from building excitement to stay stress free abroad… Travelling with toddlers, tweens and teens poses a variety of challenges on any family getaway! We’ve compiled some tips for kids of […]

The Top 25 UK City Breaks

City breaks are one of the best ways to get introduced to a country. To discover its history and culture in as little time as a weekend away. The UK has so many fantastic cities to offer and such a variety! So if you are thinking of a weekend away and looking for inspiration on […]

10 Truck Driving Safety Tips Every Professional Driver Should Follow

Driving a truck for a living is a hard job and it’s a dangerous job. Driving professionally requires a great deal of skill, it carries a lot responsibility for the safety of others and it requires a lot of common sense. Being safety conscious is vital. It is what will keep you alive when you’re […]