Serious Mistakes When Moving Yourself

man moving boxes

I’ve moved a lot. I first left home for college, then made a few more moves for grad school and work. Now that I’m married, I move every time my husband gets a new job (which is often).  This means that we’ve moved our belongings between us in the past decade at least ten times. […]

Safety first: Farm Equipment on Public Roads

farm equipment on public roads

Farm equipment on public roads can create a severe safety hazard. It is important to understand the rules for safely sharing the road with farm equipment to prevent accidents. Farm equipment often travels at slow speeds, leading to dangerous situations when drivers attempt to pass or turn in front of them. This blog post will […]

How Do You Safely Transport Chemicals?

Safely Transport Chemicals

If you need to safely transport chemicals, it’s vital to be aware of the international directives and regulations that must be followed, the hazards of chemical transportation (and how to avoid them), and best practices for moving chemicals both on and off-site. The transport of hazardous substances brings significant financial, environmental, and health-related risks, so it’s […]

Final Designs For London Underground’s New Piccadilly Line Trains Shown Off

London Underground’s new Piccadilly line trains shown off

The final design and some of the engineering challenges for a new fleet of London Underground tube trains have been shown off by the manufacturer. Externally not much has changed from early concepts, but there’s been a refinement of the interior, and more details announced about how they will operate. Siemens was awarded the £1.5 […]

15 Reasons Trains Are Better Than Planes

trains are better than planes

Travel involves so many choices – where, when and how to get there for starters. We’ve got “how to go” covered, and you can probably guess it doesn’t involve flying. The following are 15 reasons we’re highlighting to show why travelling by train beats taking the plane: 1. Travel centre to centre Airports are often […]

11 Tips And Tricks To Win More Transport Business

Transport Business

For transportation operators, winning new business lies at the heart of their strategy. Tenders are serious business – many companies bid and only one wins. There is no second place. You can either win business for new routes, agencies or areas, or lose the bid. In many cases, the difference between the highest and lowest […]

UK Has Its Own Truck Driver Shortage

UK Truck Driver Shortage

When Helen Wang’s Abakus Foods is ready to ship its seaweed crisps, she calls up a hauler. Normally, a truck comes the same day to collect them from her base in northeast London. But, in recent weeks, there has been a problem: A national shortage of lorry drivers means deliveries are facing dayslong delays, and […]

Intermodal Transport: Efficient Transport Means Management

Intermodal Transport

Intermodal transport is the movement of goods in the same unit or vehicle with the successive use or two o or more means of transport, where the goods are not handled during the changeover from one means of transport to another. The definition drafted by the Ministry of Public Works gives an idea of the benefits of this […]

Creating Value Beyond The Deal In The Transport & Logistics Sector

Transport & Logistics

Throughout my career, either working in the Transport & Logistics sector or as an advisor, I have seen firsthand the transformative potential of M&A. However, it can of course be challenging to deliver the value intended, meaning that developing a comprehensive and realistic value creation plan up front is more important than ever. PwC’s recent […]

Why A Coach Is Better Than An Airplane Or Train For UK Transport

london coach

There’s never a shortage of options for getting to and from a destination in the UK. While local travel can be relatively simple with options such as the Tube and Uber, long-distance journeys with a larger group are a bit trickier. Travelling between major cities in England such as Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, or London can be difficult for large groups because it’s too […]