Expedited Shipping? A Detailed 101 Guide

Expedited Shipping

If there’s one thing that you and your customers expect from shipping, it’s speedy delivery. Research has shown that 41% of customers are willing to pay for same-day delivery, while 24% say they will pay a premium to have their orders delivered within two or three hours; however, only 50% of retailers offer same-day delivery. Everyone wants […]

5 Ways On Time Couriers Can Make A Huge Difference For You

On Time Couriers

What if your business got a boost and someone else did all the work? This may sound like a dream for businesses and individuals alike. However, that dream can come true when you start using a courier service. In a world where time is money, on time couriers can completely transform your business. However, many […]

The Importance Of Packaging In Transport And Logistics

The Importance Of Packaging In Transport And Logistics

The best products in the world will be useless if you can’t get them where they need to be. From making transportation possible to protecting your goods during transit, logistics packaging is a vital part of the delivery process. Sending something out for delivery, or supplying to retailers, involves far more than simply ‘sticking it in a […]

DHL vs TrakPak

DHL Vs TrakPak

DHL Vs TrakPak is a common debate for online retailers, primarily because both carriers offer a service specifically designed for the eCommerce industry, but when it all comes down to it, what’s the difference between DHL and TrakPak? Compare DHL and TrakPak Shipping The main difference between DHL and TrakPak is that TrakPak is a mail forwarder, which means it’s […]

Future Of Parcel Delivery: 5 Technology Trends To Look Out For

Future Of Parcel Delivery

Technology is constantly driving change in every industry – logistics and supply chain are not an exception. Looking back, it’s hard to imagine our current jobs without the internet and various devices that have now become everyday items. What’s more interesting than a detour into the past, is a look at the technology of tomorrow. […]

Door To Door Delivery: Is It Worth It?

Door To Door delivery

When deciding how to ship your orders, you need to be aware of all the possibilities. Nowadays, there is no need to leave your home at all, if you want to send a parcel. In this article, we will explain how door-to-door delivery works and when should you choose it. What is door-to-door delivery? Door-to-door […]