History of Passenger Transportation

Trains are a major part of history of passenger transportation

From horse-driven carriages to autonomous cars, technology has changed how we travel. Although these changes have been gradual, some clear historical moments stand out as major advancements. Here is a brief history of passenger transportation. Walking Walking is the most basic form and where the history of passenger transportation has begun. It has been a […]

Night Flying Essential To Deliver Vital Goods

Night Flying

In response to the launch of the government’s consultation on extending the current provision for night flights until 2024 and beyond, Zoe McLernon, Multimodal Policy Manager at Logistics UK, comments: “Air cargo services must be allowed to continue operating under the current night flying regime until 2024. This is essential to ensure businesses and the public continue to receive the medicine, manufacturing goods, and other products needed to support the nation; nearly […]

Facts About Pet Transport Safety

Pet Transport Safety

LEARN MORE ABOUT CARGO PET TRAVEL Cargo or cabin? Ground transportation or excess baggage? One of the most common and emotionally charged questions we receive is about how pets travel. Many people are surprised to find out that PetRelocation recommends cargo travel for pets, but in our experience the more you learn about how air cargo transportation works, the […]